Seriously, United Airlines? Again???

Wonders never cease! If kicking off an autistic girl and her family wasn’t enough, United Airlines kicked off Walk of the Earth singer Sara Blackwood (7 months pregnant) and her 1 year old toddler from the flight because he had a crying spell. Though he settled and fell asleep before the plane taxied, the attendants and pilot decided that she and her son be escorted off the plane. The airline lied and said the child was unattended in the aisles crying and screaming. Other passengers took to social media right away saying the child never left his mother’s lap. So there you have it, United Airlines is only okay to transport adults and the elderly providing they are perfectly still and make no requests of their staff.

Are they trying to go out of business? At this rate, I’m happy to help them do so by NOT EVER flying with them.

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