Through the eyes of our 12 year old Logan James

In case you cannot make out what he has written here it is (penmanship and all at 12 when one is of the male persuasion in this family lol)  This was his assignment for school.

Puzzle Pieces – by Logan James.

He feels

Disturbed and confused

Trying to fit in,

Trying to get out.

He cannot say what he feels and sometimes everyone gets it wrong

He feels energetic but he cannot always control his body.

He does not want to be weird but he acts strange.

There are good things though …

There is music where he finds his voice.

There is drawing.

The sound of his blades carving the ice.

The sound of his hands slapping the water.

He feels free.

He is not strange.

He is happy.

He is not looking for the puzzle pieces that fit.

He is a completed puzzle.

He is just Adam.Puzzle Pieces By Logan James

(Thank you Logan. We are so blessed to have you in our family and you are a great gift to your big brother,Adam xo Mom)

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