Two Years to 50 – Preface

Two Years to 50

As this golden age approaches, I feel happy and excited for a chapter of my life, that I feel is going to be the best one. I feel like my years before were years in training for the ones that are yet to come – the years I believe to be the reward for all the navigation, adjusting and re-starting because of the surprising turn life took 13 years ago. I believe the answer to the meaning of this journey thus far will reveal itself in the years that are ahead of me and I welcome my older years with open arms.

I have been doing a lot of self observation – looking at myself in relation to what is going on around me in the place where I live, the people I interact with , my role in my family , my work and my vocation. I have been noticing the change in the way I do things, see things and deal with people and how comfortable I am with my choices and actions. It takes a long time to grow into an experienced, mature woman and I’ve had my hard knocks along the way. I regret nothing that has happened because every single thing has had its purpose in my life and has helped me define who I am and who I want to continue to be.

My youth was amazing with all the bonuses that accompany that phase of life, yet I feel because I know more now, I have never felt healthier, happier, stronger, more organized, more patient, confident, calmer, more beautiful or sexier than I do now. I understand now everything my mother and her friends have told me about getting older. I feel the way they feel and I get why there is that aura of serenity and that beautiful mature woman glow they possess. In my head, I sometimes look at life like it is a video game where the older I become I level up to a stage of life that is even better than the one before. The way I feel and think, the choices I make and the way I love is on a new level – a higher level, better than before and as I excitedly anticipate this new chapter of my life, I am going to use it as the avenue for my thoughts about my life on my 2 year journey to 50.

While this writing journey is for me, I am happy to share my thoughts with you.  Writing is a hobby of mine that brings me great comfort and joy.  You may read it if you wish, comment on it or not and while my intent is not to persuade you to my way of thinking, I would be happy to hear your thoughts on your own journey ~ Daniella