Does United Airlines Want People to Fly with Them?

Airlines really have us by the balls. Airfares have increased significantly over the years and because it is the only way to get to many places, we accept the abuse, we pay and we fly and we get very little service for the cost of our airline ticket.

But if you are going to gouge the public, at least treat them with some decency.  We know we no longer deserve anything more than peanuts or cookies on a flight or a quarter glass of pop or juice: we know we have to pay for what was once a meal included in the price of out ticket and oh, we pay for our luggage as well.  Let’s face it, we have come to accept that airlines rip us off but we have to get to work, we have to get home and we have to get to our families so we suck it up and take our lumps. What I don’t understand is why does it seem that United Airlines just does not welcome passengers onto it’s aircrafts?

United Airlines have had a great reputation for hating it’s passengers.  They just don’t give a crap about paying patrons.  Looking back at the last two  years, United has kicked an autistic girl and her family off their flight when simple understanding and accommodation would have sufficed.  They kicked off Walk of the Earth singer Sara Blackwood when she was 7 months pregnant along with her then 1 year old toddler of the flight because he had a crying spell. Now they had a full flight, needed paying passengers to give up their seats for an in-transit flight crew and when no one did, they picked a random passenger – a doctor, literally pulled him off the flight kicking and screaming.  They pulled off a man who paid for his seat on that plane; a man who had to get back to his patients who deserved to be on that flight…they pulled him off like he was a criminal.  My goodness, if someone really did something wrong on one of their flights, what would they do? Kill them?  How does this airline not know that what they do is wrong…time and time again. They have terrible customer relations.


 Dr Donna Beegle (center) and daughter being escorted out by police from United Airlines flight while being completely cooperative


Dr. David Dao gruffly pulled off a flight from a seat he paid for.  United was looking to free up seats so that they could transport one of their crews to the destination. When no on volunteered to leave their seats, United decided to extract passengers.


Look at these photos.  This looks really bad on United doesn’t it?  So my question is simple.  Does United Airlines want passengers on board their planes  The simple answer in my mind is certainly not! I think since we have an autistic person in our family, I am of mixed race descent and well, because we are civilized human beings, maybe we will use another airline for our travel.

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